Barometer with Thermometer and Hygrometer Fischer 6690-22 |- Low Altitude

Barometer with thermometer
Description: The Fischer Weather Station, with its long neck and circular base, also known as the...
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Description: The Fischer Weather Station, with its long neck and circular base, also known as the banjo barometer will spark some nostalgic thoughts when observed. It features an alcohol thermometer fitted on the neck, Aneroid Barometer in the circular base and smaller hygrometer towards the bottom.

It shows the current weather conditions at a glance. It will provide generations with precise measurements independent from electronics and battery power.

This traditional piece will add ambiance to any fine living space and assist in maintaining a healthy indoor climate. Each barometer measuring unit are handmade in Germany and assembled with absolute precision by craftsman.

Warranty:- All Fischer Weather Stations carries a 2-year international manufacturer’s warranty

Precision:- Precise instruments, well balanced, and well-crafted to the finest detail- Measuring accuracy Barometer: ± 3 hPa- Measuring accuracy Thermometer: ±5% r.F. (20…100%), + 1 scale division - Measuring accuracy Hygrometer: ± 1 K, + 1 scale division.

Stylish: - Made from high-quality materials to add elegance and durability to tasteful interiors - The perfect Executive Gift that is both decorative and functional- Talking piece that will be at home in any Mancave, Bar, Sports Club or with Marine Decor- Can be easily wall mountedUse:- This unit is made for Indoor Use only- Only suitable for use at altitudes between 0 and 1000 meter above sea level- A booklet with Instructions included for easy setting of Barometer before first use- Easy to calibrate Barometer to your location using the set screw at the back of the unit

Size:- Outside dimension: 390 x 115mm- Barometer: 84mm diameter - Thermometer: 130 x 20mm- Hygrometer: 42mm diameter - Depth: 30mm Materials: - Beech Wood: Mahogany colour stained - High Polished Brass Bezel- Domed Shaped Perspex - Alcohol Thermometer on thin brass plate screwed onto the wooden base

How:- The aneroid barometer uses small metal bellows made from beryllium and copper that expands or contracts based on pressure changes. Through a precision mechanism, these motions cause the pointer to move to indicate the current air pressureMeasure:- The Barometer measures Atmospheric pressure, it helps to understand what kind of changes you can expect in the weather- The Hygrometer measures humidity of the air, you will know whether the air is too humid or ty dry- The Thermometer measures air temperature, you will know the ambient temperature at a glance
What's in the box? 1 x Fischer Unit 6690-22; 1 x Booklet on Instructions for setting of barometers

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