Omega S - Brush Yellow (Synthetic)

Omega S Shaving Brush yellow
DescriptionHigh quality 100% Synthtetic Fibre shave brush (Omega S-Brush)Omega synthetic fibers a...
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High quality 100% Synthtetic Fibre shave brush (Omega S-Brush)
Omega synthetic fibers are made of PBT, a thermoplastic semi-crystalline polyester. The filaments are corrugated as to improve the performance of the brush in terms of holding and releasing the lather during the shave. S-Brush filaments are chemically tapered to give a soft touch on the skin. 
An afordable option for those who are new to wet shaving, or do not want to use a natural hair brush for ethical or religious reasons. 
100 % Omega Syntetic Fibre (High quality, super soft tips, but still good backbone)
Yellow Handle 
Fast Drying
Easy Maintenance
Superb travel option
Excellent brush for use with both soaps and creams
Made in Italy 

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