Our Story

The Gentry – Purveyors of Fine Gentlemen’s Goods

Smoking a cigar. Writing with a fountain pen. Enjoying a traditional wet shave. These are just a few of the many things that The Gentry founder, Nick Gahagan, believes men should take the time to appreciate, to remind themselves what it means to be a gentleman.

Determined to celebrate and share what it means to be a gentleman, Nick established The Gentry in 2017. The stores at The Lifestyle Centre, Ballito, La Lucia Mall, and our online shop are all treasure troves of old-school trinkets and modern, masculine findings encouraging men to relax and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. From smoking a superior quality cigar, to writing with a classic fountain pen or enjoying a traditional shave, we believe there is much enjoyment to be found in life, if people simply slow down and immerse themselves in the experience, just like they did in the ‘good old days’.

Filled with beautiful, hand-sourced, bespoke items, The Gentry is Nick’s ode to the art of being a gentleman – something he learned from his own father, an airline captain with an eye for finding beautiful souvenirs from his travels. “He curated the most wonderful collection of memorabilia, all of which ended up at my house,” laughs Nick. “My friends always joked that if I ever opened a shop, their wives would become good customers.” Every product is sourced, tried, and tested by Nick himself, and The Gentry is filled with items that appeal to those looking for something unique and special. “My dad taught me that there is an art to being a gentleman. He always wore a tie and blazer, smoked cigars in his ‘smoking chair,’ wrote with a fountain pen and enjoyed traditional shaves with a safety razor. Society has lost so many of these old school pleasures, because we are constantly chasing time and rushing.”

Nick was joined by Clive McGill in 2024, and together with our brilliant in-store team, we look forward to seeing you in one of the shops, or serving you online.