How to use a Safety Razor

How to use a Safety Razor

October 21 2022

Both men and woman want to have a smooth shave with no irritation, and that baby bum smooth feeling...although shaving may feel like a lot of work and a big shlep! 

Don't worry anymore because we have all the tools to transform your everyday shaving routine into something you will look forward to rather than feeling like its the biggest shlep!

Have a read and watch the video to see how easy it is to use a safety razor and Try the traditional shaving Experience. 

How to choose a gift for a man

How to select the perfect gift for a man

September 16 2022
Finding the perfect gift for a man who seemingly has everything a man could want can be daunting. The Gentry offers our easy 5 tips to selecting the perfect gift for a man at any age, any position and for every relationship.
How to get the rugged 3-day stubble look

How to get the rugged 3-day stubble look

July 21 2021
The rugged appeal of a 3-day stubble has been popularized by celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth...
The Gentry Umhlanga and Ballito

The Art of Being a Gentleman

February 23 2021
The Art of Being a Gentleman. Nick Gahagan is the man behind the brand.
Truefitt & Hill Royal Grooming Treatments

Truefitt & Hill a Gentleman's Brand.

May 26 2020
Established in 1805 in St. James, London. This iconic grooming house has provided top quality shaving products to men for more more than two centuries.
Proraso Grooming Products established 1948

Why Proraso Grooming Products from Italy?

May 18 2020
Proraso Grooming Products were established in Italy in 1948 and continue to 

create professional quality products that deliver a pleasurable and impeccable shave; for the barbershop and at home.

How to Lather Proraso Shaving Cream

How to Lather Proraso Shaving Cream

May 16 2020
Professional tips on how to create rich and creamy lather with Proraso Shaving Cream.
Proraso Shaving techniques

Proraso: A Shave that is Truly Professional.

May 16 2020
Proraso - a simple step by step guide for your shaving pleasure.
Hot Towel Shave techniques

How to give the Ultimate Hot Towel Shave

May 16 2020
Watch how a professional barber prepares and conducts the traditional wet shave. Expert tips you can use in your own daily shaving ritual. We too, recommend Proraso Soap, Italy's premier shaving brand. Shop Proraso products here.

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