Vacu Vin Winged Corkscrew

Vacu Vin Winged Corkscrew
DescriptionHas sturdy lever arms that make it easier to open a bottle of wine.ABOUT THIS PRODUCTT...
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Has sturdy lever arms that make it easier to open a bottle of wine.

The Vacu Vin Winged Corkscrew is an elegant and sturdy bottle opener for every occasion and every situation. The Winged model boasts a gear and lever mechanism. After removing the wine bottle foil, place the corkscrew bottle opener on the wine bottle, hold with a firm grip, and screw into the cork until the winged arms are extended. The sturdy lever arms allow you to easily open a bottle of wine without damaging the cork. The corkscrews highly efficient system enables any wine cork (irrespective of length) to be extracted in a continuous, smooth, vertical motion. The grooved corkscrew bottle opener slides easily into all corks, both natural or synthetic and makes opening bottles of wine effortless. The Vacu Vin Winged Corkscrew’s sleek ergonomic, compact and lightweight design, make it easy to carry, use and store.

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