How to use a Safety Razor

Watch the Video Below to see how to use a safety razor.

Some of us may still remember how our fathers stood in front of the bathroom mirror on a Sunday morning with bloody toilet paper pieces sitting on his face. Many men and woman are therefore (still) reluctant to attempt the apparently difficult and seemingly dangerous shave with a safety razor. But fortunately times are changing and now even more men and women are reaching for the razor. But if you know how to do it, shaving with a safety razor is neither dangerous nor particularly difficult. On the contrary, it is suitable for everyone and one thing above all: It is sustainable!

First of all, it is important to properly analyze your hair growth directions, your hair will grow in several directions depending on the part of the body. If you are prone to razor burn or ingrown hairs you will always want to shave with the direction of the hair growth. e.g.: if your hair grows down shave down and if it grows sideways shave sideways.

Secondly it is also important to soap the part of the body that is to be shaved. Soaping softens the hair and ensures a better gliding of the blade. Apply the shaving soap or cream with the brush in a circular motion. You should take two and a half to three minutes – and enjoy the little massage.

Make a personal grooming ritual out of it and reward yourself with a relaxing ritual to end the day.

After lathering up, warm up your razor blade as a warm blade shaves best! The safety razor is then set at an angle of about 30 degrees and the hair is shaved without pressure in the direction of growth. The skin on the chin or neck should be pulled taut, and the same is recommended for delicate areas such as the armpits or bikini line. As a general rule – even if it sounds a bit paradoxical – the sharper the blade, the lower the risk of cutting yourself and razor irritation. This is because you push or pull harder with a rather blunt blade. Hold your razor with the tips of your fingers. Next, the safety razor is applied at a 30 degree angle and moved in the direction of the growth of the hair not applying to mush pressure and allowing the razors weight to do most of the work. Make sure to pull the skin tight when doing your chin and neck.

Rinse with cold water to close your pores and sooth your face, then you can use a alum stone to help seal the pores and assist in stopping the bleeding if you have nicked yourself. 

Finally you can use a aftershave balm to sooth your skin and moisturize the area.

Watch the Video Below To See how to Use a Safety Razor, and stay tuned for more shaving and grooming tips.

 MÜHLE Treatment Space Head Barber, Elliot Forbes, gives a detailed tutorial on how to shave with a safety razor (double edge razor).



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