Rcr Adagio Decanter

Rcr Adagio Decanter
Rcr Adagio Decanter
Rcr Adagio Decanter
Decanter dimension: h 18.9 (cm)Decanter capacity: 750mlInner box:Decanter x 1Material: Luxion ECO...
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Decanter dimension: h 18.9 (cm)
Decanter capacity: 750ml

Inner box:
Decanter x 1

Material: Luxion ECO Crystal
Origin: Italy

Deep cuts in the stems of the goblets and in the glasses bring out the brilliance of the Eco-Crystal, a success story which has been one of the top five selling collections for over 20 years.

RCR Cristalleria Italiana was founded in 1967 in the heart of Tuscany, thanks to an idea had by a group of craftsmen who, with passion and talent, brought the millenary tradition of glassmaking to a higher level. we hold on to the values that make our company one of a kind, our love for quality and respect for the environment.

All our products are made of Eco-Crystal, a material of the highest quality and made with total respect for the environment. Our factory has no need of a smokestack because our production is emission free and uses renewable energy to create 100% recyclable products. Today, RCR Cristalleria Italiana stands out in the market of tableware, wine-tasting, home furnishings and mixology, combining tradition with fervent innovation, design and research, aiming to satisfy those who use our products for all occasions.

Choosing RCR Cristalleria Italiana and Eco-Crystal means counting on Made-in-Italy quality, knowing that you have done the right thing for your business and for the environment.

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